WOLFIE – 2018

Wolfie is a Chihuahua who is approximately 11 y.o. and has all kinds of personality.  He came to us from the Houston Humane Society and has been a wonderful addition to our group.  After a very nervous beginning, Wolfie has settled in and there is rarely a time when his tail is not wagging.  He loves to be in a lap, and scratching his neck gently will put him to sleep.  

Wolfie loves to explore in the yards – he trots around with his nose in the air catching all the scents in the air keeping watch for the deer who graze at the edge of the woods.  If he sees one, then he suddenly changes to his “Great Dane” persona, barking his warning that the deer had better not approach.  

Visitors need to let Wolfie approach them.  He feels more comfortable if he initiates the contact.  But once he knows someone, they too get the loving greeting and snuggles that the little fellow bestows on his people.