PASSED – 2018

I am deeply saddened to tell you that Rocky passed away in his sleep early on Sunday morning, October 21, 2018. He had been admitted to the clinic for further evaluation of his severe arthritic condition on Monday the 15th. On Friday he suddenly began suffering from syncopal episodes.  In addition, he had an increased heart rate even at rest, and increased cardiac irregularities called premature ventricular contractions.  It is believed that these changes were associated with right-sided heart disease due to his heartworm infection. Dr. Fisher, Dr. Roset and Dr. Michalec were in constant attendance but Rocky did not respond to medications.  Many thanks to the doctors who tried so hard to save Rocky’s life.

Rocky was only with us at Dog Lodge for a short time but he was dear to all of us.  Even with all of his problems, he wagged his tail and was always ready for hugs and rubs.  We will never forget how he loved his slow walks and found joy in putting his nose in the air to pick up whatever scents he could catch.  We will never forget how gentle and loving he was…

So, my heart is heavy.  Rocky’s passing is a sad reminder about how difficult our job is – trying to provide quality of life to a dog that has possibly never known a gentle touch, a kind word or enjoyed the care that each and every dog deserves.  At least Rocky had some time living with people who quickly came to love him and admire his courage….

Goodbye Rocky… We will miss you…

I miss you my sweet dog.
I cry.
I look at my tears fondly though
For each tear
Represents to me
One minute of you
Loving me
One minute of me loving you
During the
Precious moments
We shared
While you were
Here with me.
I’ve cried an ocean.

Author Unknown