Houston Humane Society contacted us about Maxx who was an owner surrender.  He was continually passed over by adopters, possibly because of his advanced age of 9-10 years, his really bad hips and his heartworm positive status.

We call Maxx a wooly mammoth because of all his hair and, though he is not a giant breed, he is certainly not small.  Picture a leonberger with shorter legs and that is kind of what Maxx looks like. Maxx has just had his first heartworm treatment and so we are keeping him very quiet right now.  Once we get past that, we can start working on an in-depth evaluation of his hind end. He has great difficulty walking, very little strength and intermittent pain.

Maxx, like our other residents, loves the attention he gets from the volunteers.  He likes to sniff around outside in the dog paddocks, enjoys his leashed walks and has no problem with taking regular naps.  This darling boy has won our hearts and we love having him as part of our group. Thank you to HHS for contacting us.

We’ll keep you posted….