Missy and Jade are 13 year old full sisters who came to us from Sadler, Texas. They have lived together for all of their lives and are completely bonded. If they are separated for too long, they fret terribly so we have accommodated them in every way possible. They eat side-by-side in their room and share a bedroom at night. We usually see them sleeping on the same dog bed or on side by side beds – always within sight of each other. However, they also grumble a lot! With seemingly no provocation, they will face each other and grinch and growl. It’s actually very cute to watch since they don’t do anything else except make a lot of noise and then, as suddenly as it started, it stops and they wag their tails and lick
each other’s muzzles. Just two old spinster sisters…

Missy and Jade are a Black Mouth Cur/Catahoula Leopard mix. They were somewhat portly when they arrived and so they have been on strict diets. Both girls were given complete work-ups at our vet clinic prior to entering Dog Lodge. Both of them had their teeth cleaned. Specifically, Jade had a problem with an upper incisor so it was removed. She also had a tumor on her left eyelid that was removed. Radiographs showed that Missy has spondylosis and degenerative joint disease but she manages very well right now. Jade is the one who walks with more difficulty but perhaps that is because she is a tad more overweight than Missy.

Both Missy and Jade have fit into the Dog Lodge group beautifully. They are both so sweet and love their walks and cuddles. They adapted very quickly to their new home and the routines and are settled and relaxed. They look like they have lived here forever. We are happy to have them with us and delighted to have been given the opportunity to care for these retirees.