PASSED – 2020

Florence was one of the first dogs in residence at Dog Lodge Sanctuary. When she arrived, she was already a senior and had an extremely difficult time walking. She didn’t want to be touched because severe arthritis made all her joints very painful. It took some time, but we were finally able to get her reasonably comfortable and with that came a wonderful change in her personality. While she was never one to pal around with the others dogs, she did warm up to her caregivers and then to the volunteers. It was wonderful to see her get up from her bed in the living room and waddle slowly over to greet whoever was coming in. Everyone understood that in order to give Florence any attention it had to be on her terms. With all of her little quirks, we loved her dearly. But with advanced age came the inherent health issues and finally there were just too many for her to cope with. Her bed is empty now and everyone who knew her misses her terribly. Good bye sweet Florence….

Lucky Dog

My eyes are getting heavy now, my time has come to leave,
But one thing I must tell you as you stay behind to grieve…

You always did your best for me, your love it knew no end,
I really was a Lucky Dog to have you as a friend.

I see how much you miss me now,
Your days seem bleak and bare,
I know you well, your heart is big,
You still have love to share.

So please don’t sit and cry for me,
We’ll meet around the bend,
‘Til then another Lucky Dog
Is waiting for a friend.

Author Unknown