Delilah was the first dog to enter the Dog Lodge Sanctuary program.  She was originally found wandering the streets in Brazoria County in late March of 2018, picked up by Animal Control and taken to the Brazoria County Shelter.  We found out about her from a good friend.

Delilah is a sweet terrier mix, weighing approximately 15 lbs., and is totally blind.  Her sight impairment is secondary to advanced glaucoma.  She is also heartworm positive.  She will be starting heartworm treatment soon.

Being blind does not seem to slow this cutie down.  It is not unusual to see her trotting, nose to the ground, looking for her “baby” so that she can shake it mercilessly, or her nylon bone that she enjoys gnawing on.  However, as you can imagine, not being able to see has caused Delilah to be very cautious when another dog is close by.  She needs to be the one who approaches. This works well at the Sanctuary because the other dogs are pretty laid back and unreactive.  

Loving this little girl is so easy and we are thrilled to have her with us.

UPDATE AS OF DECEMBER 2022 – We wanted to let you know a few things about Delilah. First of all, her heartworm treatment was successful and she suffers no ill effects. Unfortunately, she has recently begun to exhibit the first signs of congested heart failure.

Shortly after Delilah’s arrival it became obvious that her experiences when she was living on the streets of Brazoria County were far more traumatic for her because of her blindness. She began to exhibit an increasing uneasiness around the larger dogs in our group. This was an obvious concern. We made the decision that Delilah would have a better quality of life if she were able to live in an environment where any companions were her size or smaller. We were extraordinarily fortunate that one of our volunteers  stepped up to offer Delilah a home on a permanent foster basis and Delilah has been living with her ever since. The change is nothing less than amazing. Instead of aging it would appear that Delia has only gotten younger. Obviously, that’s not the case, but her boundless energy and love of life belie her senior years.