PASSED – 2021

First came diabetes… then Cushings…and then she lost her sight.  The insulin injections controlled the diabetes but with the onset of Cushings matters became far more complicated.  This spunky little pug/schnauzer mix lived most of her senior years on her terms, enjoying life, always with her sister Mia very close.  But the last few months of her 15th year her health worsened and it seemed that she no longer enjoyed doing the things that used to bring her so much happiness.  She just got tired… the spark was gone…

We miss you, Bella.  We miss your quirky personality; we miss giving you the belly rubs you loved so much…

You will live in our hearts forever…

Over the 
“Rainbow Bridge” you went,
I always knew 
you were Heaven sent.
I cherish our time spent together
Til we meet again…I love you forever!

By Angelina LaFera