Charlie was living on the street, roaming with a group of dogs, when Rachel Swift saw him and rescued him.  She took him in and had a preliminary vet evaluation done and then contacted us to see if he might be a candidate for the Dog Lodge program.  It took a while but after we were able to meet Charlie and do our behavioral evaluation, we decided that he would be a perfect fit for Dog Lodge.

Charlie is as sweet as they come.  He wants love, love, and more love.  He is so gentle and patient.  For a dog that was roaming the streets, he is amazingly well adjusted and has fit in beautifully with the other residents.

Our medical evaluation showed that Charlie is high heartworm positive.  We are giving him his prep meds in order to begin heartworm treatment.  Additionally, X-rays showed that Charlie’s hip problems, originally diagnosed as dysplasia before he arrived at Dog Lodge, are actually the result of traumatic injury to his hip that healed improperly.  The nature of the injury leads us to believe that he was probably hit by a car.  The hip is so badly injured that Charlie is not a candidate for a standard hip replacement, but rather he would need to have a much more sophisticated surgery to rebuild the whole hip.  In the meantime, we have him on meds to keep him comfortable and as pain free as possible.  Surprisingly, his condition only slows him down a little bit.  He has learned to bunny hop and he still loves to go on short walks.

This is one happy pooch, and we are thrilled to have him with us.