WINNIE – 2022

We were contacted by The Humane Society of Central Texas in Waco about this little 11 lb. cutie.  When Animal Control picked her up from the street, it was hard to tell that Winnie was actually a dog.  She was in horrible condition.  When she arrived from Waco, TX, we knew that she had a history of seizures and a host of other medical issues; she can only see shadows, she is almost totally deaf, and severe dental decay and abscess.  Our vets had to do extensive dental work.  She only has a few teeth left and thankfully the fistula that ran from the root of one tooth up into her nasal passage, caused by severe abscess is well on the way to healing.  But as we see so many times with our dogs, she is like the Eveready Bunny.  She just keeps on going – sometimes grumpy (she really does not like to be picked up and she just barely tolerates pats), sometimes cuddly (for about a minute and then she struggles to be put down), always a medical challenge.

Winnie sleeps a lot.  But she sure knows when it’s time for breakfast or dinner and she chimes in just as loudly as any of the other dogs to let us know that she is hungry and we are just not moving fast enough!!

We have had to adjust her seizure medications twice already.  But the frequency and duration of the seizures are increasing so we’re going to have to adjust the meds again.

Many thanks to Victoria at Humane Society of Central TX for facilitating a smooth transfer for Winnie from her organization to ours.  We are very grateful…