PASSED – 2021

Mia and Bella were twin sisters.  But their health problems were totally different.  Mia suffered seizures, the cause of which was never determined.  She took anti-seizure medications and for the most part they significantly reduced the number of seizures and also the severity of them.  Like Bella, Mia was a happy senior who could be just a little bit stubborn but who would sit beside you to get her pats and paw you continuously if you stopped patting her before she was ready for you to stop.  But like her sister, halfway through her 15th year her health took a dramatic turn for the worse.  Her liver failed, her sight failed and she became very, very confused.  When she lost here sister, it was as if she lost all interest in living.  She told it was time to go…

I choose to believe that Mia is reunited with Bella in a wonderful place where both can run and play and always enjoy good health.  We will miss Mia as we miss her sister and never forget the joy she brought to all of us.

Your memory is a beautiful joy
That will live in our hearts

Author Unknown