PASSED – 2019

I’m Free
Don’t grieve for me
For now I’m free.

I’ve left behind some misery.
My days of youthful agility
Were no longer a possibility.

My weak joints and cloudy eyes
Were longing for the heavenly skies.
Before I lost all dignity
You let me enter eternity.

Don’t grieve for me,
You’ve set me free.
Just remember how I used to be!

Author Unknown

Maxtoo has left us. 

 I will never forget his hoarse, little bark.  I will never forget how he ate every meal as if he’d never eaten before.  I will never forget how he loved his long naps in the same place on the carpet in front of the sofa.  And I will never forget how he would bump my leg with his forehead when he wanted attention.  

Maxtoo was a sweet old dog who brought us joy every day.  We were so fortunate to be his caregivers for his last year.  Goodbye dear Maxtoo – we will miss you…. Run free, run fast, run far…