Pumpkin, a Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix, came to us from The Colony Animal Services in July of 2021. She was fourteen years old at the time. She had already had one eye removed when she was surrendered to the shelter. The reason for removal was unknown. However, the shelter veterinarian determined that Pumpkin had very little vision in the remaining eye due to glaucoma and so that eye was removed as well. On top of this, her intake medical examination performed by our veterinarian found that Pumpkin was also dealing with congestive heart failure. Her medications are working well to keep comfortable and happy.

In spite of these medical issues, Pumpkin is an amazingly energetic dog – that is, when she is not sleeping. I don’t think we have ever seen a dog that sleeps so deeply!! So deeply, in fact, that you can pick her up and move her from room to room and she won’t wake up!! But when she is awake and ready for a walk, her gear changes to fast – as fast as possible.

Pumpkin may not have any eyes but that doesn’t stop her from finding the treats. We hide them in a snuffle mat and of all the dogs at Dog Lodge, Pumpkin can find them the fastest. In fact, her nose works so well, that if we put treats near her when she is sleeping, she will wake up, and immediately work her way towards them. Without fail, she will find all of them. Then, she eats them and goes back to sleep!

At the age of sixteen, Pumpkin certainly shows no signs of slowing down. She gets along with everyone, both human and canine companions. She is a wonderful addition to our resident group. She is an absolute sweetheart and we are so happy that she has come to live with us.