PASSED – 2018

She was a very small dog and she was so sweet.  She was surrendered to a shelter and the shelter reached out to us.  We took her to our veterinary clinic for immediate evaluation.  An infection of some kind but of immediate concern was the huge mammary tumor that hung to the floor – it had to be removed.  Complications during surgery from a reaction to anesthesia.  Cerebral hypoxia… Despite the heroic efforts of the veterinary team working on Paris, she lost the battle.  

Paris never made it to Dog Lodge.  We never had the chance to care for her and love her and make up for her abandonment.  A painful reminder that life is so fragile and so very precious.  Despite our best efforts, she couldn’t come home.

Goodbye sweet Paris….  

Whenever I feel sorrow come over me,
I imagine you’re racing beyond the Rainbow Bridge
With all the beloved dogs I’ve lost in the past.
My sadness quickly turns to delight;
You deserve this joyous afterlife.

Author Unknown