PASSED – 2021

The moment that you left me
My heart split in two
One side filled with memories
The other side died with you.

I often lay awake at night when the
World is fast asleep, and take a
Walk down memory lane with
Tears upon my cheek.

Remembering you is easy,
I do it every day.
But missing you is a heartache
That never goes away.

I hold you tightly 
Within my heart
And there you will remain.
As my life goes on without you, but will
Never be the same.

Author Unknown

Paolo passed at the age of 15.  He was a Golden Retriever that gave new meaning to the description “Velcro dog”.  He made friends with everyone – the other dogs and everybody who worked at or visited Dog Lodge.  He was so clever and definitely loved to cuddle.

But time caught up with Paolo and his health began to decline.  Soon he let us know that it was time to go.  

He took with him a piece of my heart…

He took a piece of all of our hearts…