PASSED – 2022

Everyone is taught that
Angels have wings, but 
The lucky ones of us find
They have four paws.

Author Unknown

Nigel was our little angel.  He had been wondering the streets in the heat of the summer of 2020 until he was found by a wonderfully compassionate gentleman who reached out to us and asked if we could help this little senior who definitely showed a lot of wear and tear.

Nigel lived life on his terms.  He settled right in at Dog Lodge but though there was never any issue with the rest of the residents accepting him, Nigel kept pretty much to himself.  He just did his own thing.  He really gave us the impression that he just tolerated being held and loved on.  A little bit of attention was ok, but if you patted him for too long, he would just get up and walk away.  Actually, he did that with everyone so no one felt slighted.  

Nigel made us laugh.  He was perky, independent, and quirky!  His front legs were stiff from arthritis – that didn’t slow him down, but he trotted around with a funny gait that made us smile.

Then, all too soon and all too quickly, Nigel’s health began to fail.  In his case, it was not a gradual decline.  The biggest problem was his loss of vision.  The problem that he developed was so severe that one eye had to be removed.  The surgery went well and he healed nicely.  All the other issues were handled with medication.  But over time, Nigel began to change.  He lost his spunk.  He lost his spark.  He just began to withdraw.

Finally, it was as though Nigel just gave up – it was though he was ready to go.  We said goodbye to our little angel with four paws.

Run fast, run far, sweet Nigel…

Be happy where you can see all, where there is no pain, where only fun and frolic await you….