A loving foster by the name of Molly, was taking care of Keats while looking for a permanent home for her. Keats had been picked up by Montgomery County Animal Control. Keats is a German Shepherd. Upon admission to our Sugar Land clinic, it was determined that she is severely disabled by spinal stenosis. She has great difficulty walking and is bowel incontinent. But…. it would be hard to find a more loving dog.  Keats has fit in well with the rest of our dogs and gets lots and lots of loving from our staff and volunteers. However, even though she is living at Dog Lodge, her medical evaluation continues. It is going to take a while to get her pain permanently under control in order for her to enjoy the quality of life that we strive to achieve for each and every one of our dogs.  Thank you to Molly for reaching out to us and giving us the opportunity to bring Keats into our program.