PASSED – 2017

A sweet girl who never had a chance. She had been hit by a car and her spine was fractured. Long before we were asked to take Josie into our program, the fracture had healed incorrectly and the consequences were devastating. It is no wonder that we were told that she cried every time she was put into her wheelchair and refused to move when she was in it. When she came to us, our veterinarian immediately began an evaluation, calling in multiple specialists all of whom came to the same conclusion. There was no way that we could care for Josie to allow her to have a happy, pain-free life. The injury was so severe and so painful that it would have required mega doses of pain medication to keep her comfortable. The problem then would be that those heavy doses of pain meds that she would require, would keep her so sedated that she would never be able to function normally.
We were heartbroken…

Our mission at Dog Lodge is to provide quality of life and here was Josie, so sweet, sensitive being who was suffering terribly and we couldn’t help her. Our veterinarian and the consulting specialists would have done anything they could to help Josie. When they told us that there was nothing that we could do to give Josie a meaningful life, the decision was made to let her pass with grace…
We had her for such a very short time. We loved her just the same. Goodbye sweet, Josie…

I held you in my arms
For such a short while
But you will forever be in my heart.