Grady is a Chihuahua/terrier mix who comes to us from the Humane Society of North Texas, Saxe-Forte Animal Shelter in Fort Worth.  He is the sweetest little guy who was rescued from a hoarding situation.  As is typical for the dogs coming into Dog Lodge, he is not only a senior, but he has some physical problems that he is dealing with too.  The list of issues includes an inguinal hernia, dental disease, a heart murmur, an old pelvic fracture, degenerative joint disease of the neck, elbow, lumbar spine and hips, and chronic allergic dermatitis probably from a flea allergy.  He weighs in at 13.5 lbs.

After going through his intake medical examination at ABC Animal and Bird Clinic in Sugar Land, Grady started his 10-day quarantine at our clinic at Dog Lodge.  And then he met the other residents.  We have a tried-and-true protocol for introducing the dogs and Grady was accepted into the group with no problems at all.  

Grady is a funny little man who walks with a very distinct limp.   He takes pain meds to help ease his discomfort and gets a medicated bath every week to help the skin on his back which had turned black and hard.  It’s working!!  The hair is already starting to grow back.  

Grady is enjoying all the attention and “lovin’” that he is getting from the staff and volunteers.  His favorite bed is the one that sits on top of a Kuranda bed.  He climbs up to it as if he were scaling a mountain.  He lies on top surveying everything and everyone around him, totally content.

My thanks go to Vanessa and Danielle from Humane Society of North Texas, first for reaching out to us about Grady and then for driving him from Fort Worth to Fairfield where I met them.  Thank you for helping to make Grady’s transition so smooth.  Thank you for what you do….